Service Packages

Safety Check/Estimate........... FREE

The Basics
$50 /Spring & Summer 
$30 /Nov to Feb

Includes Adjusting shifting, braking, light wheel truing as needed, wipedown of the frame, air-up both tires.

The Deluxe
$90 /Spring & Summer 
$60 /Nov to Feb

Includes Adjusting shifting, braking, Off-Bike detailed wheel turing, all bearings adjusted as needed, wipe down of the frame, air-up both tires and includes labor installing any new parts from the shop.

The Works
$300 /Spring & Summer 
$200 /Nov to Feb

All of the deluxe including overhaul of all bearing services and replacement of all loose ball bearings not sealed. Detailed wheel truing including re-tension and replacement of spokes as needed. Replacement of all cables and housing with bulk stock.

Cargo/Tandem Add-On Service Packages........... $20

Drivetrain Cleaning
$45 w/o Service Package
$30 w/ Service Package

Detailed cleaning of chain, both derailleurs and cassette/freewheel and crankset. 
Includes taking all parts off bike and putting in Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner.

Other Services Available. Give us a call or email to for current rates and services.